Enlaces Kahoots Inglés

A few, a little, much or many

A trip to London

A, an, some, any and no

Adjectives or pronouns

All tenses

All tenses (3)

All the tenses. 01

At the no article

At, in, on

Causative Have and The Passive Voice

Comparative or superlative. 01

Comparative or superlative. 02

Comparisons. As ...as

Conditional sentences

Conditional sentences 01

Conditional sentences. 02

Conditionals and relatives. Elda 3


Connectors 02

Connectors and useful expressions

Connectors. 00

Connectors. For and against

Connectors. Narrate and Conclude

Connectors. Order. Opinion

Countable or Uncountable

Do go and play

-Ed or -Ing

End of year. 10

End of year. 11


False friends. 01

False friends. 02

False friends. 03


Food idioms

For and since

For or since. 01

Future continuous

Future simple

Future simple or present simple

Gerunds and Infinitives. 02

Go collocations

Grammmar in Spanish. 02

I wish

Idioms. 01. Orde

Idioms. 02. Order

If I...

International food

Irregular verbs (2)

Irregular verbs (1)



Modals (2)

Passive voice

Passive voice-w

Past continuous

past Perfect

Past simple

Personal Pronouns


Plurals (2)

Possessive adjectives

Present continuous

Present Past and Future

Present perfect

Present perfect

Present perfect continuo

Present perfect or past simple


Relatives. 0

Reported Speech. 0

Reported Speech. 00

Similes using like

Simple Past. I was in Málaga

Simple Past. Irregular verbs

So and neither

So and such

Spanish Grammar

T/ D / ID. Simple Past Pronuciation. Regular verbs

Tenses swimming

The article

To be. Present

Vocabulary PAU

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